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The interactive TOUCH solutions offered by our company are applicable for almost every type (hot & cold, snack & food, can & bottle) and manufacturer (Necta, Rheavendors, Bianchi, Saeco etc.) of vending machines.

Thanks to the built-in monitors with different dimensions (from 19” to 42”) you can transform your vending machines into DIGITAL SIGNAGE tools.

With our USER-FRIENDLY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE you can manage easily the multimedia contents of the screen, strengthening the brand of the company – such as visualisation of product information and nutritional facts (in accordance with the regulation 1169/2011/EU), product promotion, advertisements, videos.


• more attractive visualisation of the user interface
• intuitive product selection (SWIPE & TAP)
• detailed product information and nutritional facts
• digital display of the sales prices
• programmable product promotion
• real time status signals
• remote programming

Upgrade for the future

Do not found what you are looking for? Contact us with your request about further models or for customization of the available models.


What is NFD®?

The aim of the patented products and processes with the NFD® trademark is to change the appearance of those vending machines which are in technically good but aesthetically obsolete condition by giving them not only eye-catching, state-of-the art design but making them safer and energy-efficient as well.

Technically the NFD® products can be applied for almost any type of vending machines — after the adjustment of size – , they consist of identical elements (door profile, superstructure, footing element) and can be assembled in the same way. Basically the door of the original vending machine will function as the ‘weight bearing’ part of the structure. From this, all the outer decoration and functional elements need removing.

Then the NFD® door profile (made of 1mm thick steel sheet) is placed there followed by the superstructure (containing the complete LED lighting, the decoration elements, the selection panel, the display and the electrical connections) and finally the footing element. The functional elements from the inside of the door on the vending machine are put back in their original place.

The original programme and configuration of the vending machine is retained.
To assemble the NFD® products does not require any special skills, anybody can fix it on their vending machine within 1,5 or 2 hours. You can find all the necessary fasteners and electrical connections in each package provided.

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